Understanding The Drainage System: How To Unblock Drains?

Sewage and drain system have been in society since the ancient times. At that time it was supposed to be just for the rich or high society as we call it. It was until people realized that it was a common issue. Sewage and drain systems are now important part of modern society and it has become essential to understand the process of development of water systems during construction.

What are the different types of Drains?

Main Line Drains:

Main line drains are described, as the drains that carry out the waste water from the building could be residential or commercial to the city sewage system. It is important that the owner of the house should take care of the cleaning and repair and all sorts of maintenance of the main pipe lines.

Secondary Drain lines:

These are the Drains that are built inside the walls of buildings like Houses, condo complexes or commercial buildings and it carries the waste water into the main drainage line.

Residential Drain lines:

All of drains that in your house is basically considered secondary drainage like kitchen, laundry, bathroom and other sink drains. The sizes of the drains may vary according to the system. There is always the main line drainage that will be exit the house and end up in the street.

Bathrooms drains are most of the time the main cause of the drain blockages. With no surprise, we all know hair is always stuck in the sinks or drains causing the process getting slow or sometimes complete stoppage. Products like soap, shampoo sometimes create the problem. Most of the time if the problem continues and if not fixed sooner can end up in the breakage of the pipes which can cause a major problem.

A sewage drain clog is a very serious problem one can say it is a plumbing emergency. Because of the blocked drains, water cannot be released and it will all come back up into the household, which can create an awful smell and it all becomes really hard and messy later to fix and clean it. When you see problem like a sewer drain clog you should avoid using any of the plumbing methods in the home until the stoppage is cleared.

Signs of sewer drain clog:

Most of the times when, more than one blocked drainage are an obvious sign of a sewer drain clog. The toilets or bathrooms are particularly affected by this, but other drain fixtures can also be blocked. If there’s blocked sewerage before any plumbing, methods check other drain fixtures in the place as well.

Toilets are the biggest drain line in the house, so if you see a problem with the drain you will notice it in the toilet first. There is a lot of waste that goes out of these drain lines, so it is important that everyone should know how to unblock drains in-case of blockages due to the waste.


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