Follow These Simple Tips To Clear the Clogged Drains

As a home owner or an apartment dweller, you will have to learn drain clearing at one time or another. If you spend so much time in kitchen, then your kitchen drain is likely to get blocked at some point. Whenever it happens, try not to pour the chemical drain cleaner down the sink as these are harmful liquids that can burn your skin and can be harmful to your plumbing also. Resist the use of chemicals and follow a safe and Eco-friendly solution to unblock the drains.

Enlisted here are a few tips discussing the way you can unclog the blocked drain by yourself.

  • Firstly, remove the stopper from the sink and clean up the debris that may be stuck on the top of the drain. Run down the water to the drain and see if it is plugged up. If it is so, fill the sink half full of water.
  • Now get your toilet plunger and put it over the drain, pump it up and down for about 10 times. At the last stroke, lift it quickly from the drain. If water drains down the sink, then it is fine and if it doesn't, repeat the process several more times to clean the drain.
  • If it doesn't works with the plunger, the next step is to open up the curved piece of pipe known as trap, underneath the sink. Unscrew the plug located on its bottom and keep a bucket under the trap to catch the water you are going to restraint.
  • Some of the traps do not have plug, in that case, you will need to remove the trap. For this, unscrew two coupler nuts that are attached to each side of the trap and clean the blockage, if any, with a clothes hanger wire or with your hand. After removing the debris, re-attach the trap and run water into the sink to test the flow of water.
  • If clearing out the trap doesn't work, then your next step should be to use a plumber's snake. Insert its end into the sink, twist the handle clockwise and push in and out of the drain until you can clear the blockage. This is usually the most efficient trick to clear most of the clogs.
  • If any of the previous step fails, then the problem is beyond your ability to fix. Thus, your final step should be to call professional services for drain clearing. In Sydney, you will find a number of such services that have special tools and expertise to clear the blockage in your plumbing system.

However, in most of the cases, it is possible to clear the clog by yourself without any help of toxic chemicals or plumber. The best way to keep your drain clear is to avoid putting the things down the sink that is the biggest reason to clog it up. Do not pour grease or cooking oils down the sink as will form a residue over the time and cause the blockage. Moreover, avoid putting leftovers, kitchen scraps or coffee grounds etc. in your drain.


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