How Can You Prevent Your Drains Getting Blocked?

You’ll know if your drain is blocked as waste water won’t drain, toilet water won’t flush away and drain, or manhole covers may begin to run over, or you may be able to smell the problem. If it’s just a sink that’s blocked, read this blog on blocked drain solutions.

How Can You Locate The Blockage?

First lift the drain cover close to your house, using either a manhole key or a large screwdriver to lever it up. If the chamber is empty the blockage is somewhere in the soil pipe from the house to the manhole. If water is present in the chamber, the blockage is either located further down the pipe towards the mains sewer or in the chamber itself.

If your home is situated at a long distance from the mains sewer, keep checking all the covers between the full manhole and sewer until you find an empty one. The pipe between the last full manhole and the empty one will have the blockage.

How Can You Clear The Blockage?

Fasten your first two drain rods together, and insert the plunger into the blocked pipe from the empty chamber. Add drain rods as you go until you feel the blockage, and as you go turn the rods in a clockwise direction.

Remove the rods and try the corkscrew attachment instead of the plunger. If this is successful then remove the drain rods and turn on your hot tap in the house and flush through with a detergent to remove any fat accumulation and clearing blocked drains.

Use the drain rods to try and clear the bottom drain. If this works, then turn on your home's hot water and use detergent to flush the system. Then replace the lid on the top drain, replace the manhole cover and your difficulty will be solved.

How Can You Prevent Blockage?

It all comes down to proper disposal of waste. The fats and oils, waste food, paints and solvents, disposable nappies and wipes, bandages and dressings, cotton wool and cotton buds should not be flushed down the drain. With blocked drain clearing in Sydney there are many other techniques used by drain clearing companies. But in case where there is heavy tree root intrusion and debris in the pipe the jet-blasting technique far exceeds the others in terms of positive results.


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