Pipe Relining: A Herculean Task Made Easy With Latest Technology!

Pipe relining is an important task, but a tedious one that needs careful planning and execution.

There are a number of reasons for pipeline damage such as old damaged pipes, poorly connected pipes or tree root penetration etc. Today, technology provides many options to replace old pipes without digging and replacing them with high quality pipes that have a life expectancy of over 100 years and a a product warranty of 50 years such as the Nuflow product. Relining damaged pipelines is quite a risky job if the technician conducting the repair does not have adequate experience as you are dealing with fast curing resins that once cured are difficult to impossible to remove. By hiring experienced professionals to conduct the relining work this risk can be mitigated as they have adequate experience and equipment to troubleshoot should the unlikely event occur of something going wrong during the application as they know exactly what to do and how to do it.

The NuFflow technology provides a guarantee period of 50 years from tree root intrusion, which is more than what anyone can ask for. Trench-less pipe relining services are cost effective, less destructive to the surrounding areas and are by far the best option.

Using Nuflow’s CIPP or cured in place pipe method the old pipe is not removed, essentially a new pipe is installed within the existing pipe. This is done be using specially engineered epoxy resins which provide complete structural strength to the new pipes and adhere completely to the host pipe which stops tree roots from entering through the newly lined section of pipe. Using this method it does not require damage to any part of the building structure like walls, floors, bathrooms or landscape surrounding the building.

This is the advantage of using this method. Before relining the new pipe, a sewer camera is sent through the pipe that is damaged to check the gravity of the problem and to know to what extent the pipe is damaged and what is need in order to conduct the repairs. The lines are then cleaned from of debris using a high pressure water blaster, this is required so the resin can adhere to the host pipe.

There are many benefits by using this technique, they include:

  • No joints left within the pipes so there isn't any areas that the trees can penetrate through the newly lined section of pipe
  • The newly lined section tapers off at the ends and has a smooth finish so debris will not get caught on it
  • It completely adheres to the host pipe so tree roots can not find their way through the newly lined section of pipe
  • Increases water flow due to the smooth finish
  • Longevity and quality of pipe relining make it one of the most sought after method of replacing the old lines with new ones.
  • The liners are structural liners which do not rely on the host pipe to maintain their structural integrity
  • The liner will fill voids and spans within the host pipe therefore completely sealing it off
  • Have a life expectancy of 100 years
  • Nuflow products come with a 50 year manufacturer warranty against tree root intrusion
There are various methods of repairing pipelines, there are various technologies and relining techniques that have been developed which now makes the repair and replacement of old pipelines much easier.


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